Bluewater Caravan Park - Yabulu Townsville Tourism

Bluewater Caravan Park

accommodation | Yabulu QLD 4818

(07) 4778 6118
41420 Bruce Highway, Yabulu QLD 4818

Townsville Tourism welcomes Bluewater Caravan Park in Yabulu, for all your accommodation and travel needs, book your holiday today.

Bluewater Caravan Park is a pet friendly park set amongst 55 acres of native bushland and landscaped gardens and boasts the largest sites in North Queensland. The park is just 20 minutes north of the Townsville Central Business District. It is the ideal location to base yourself for day trips to local sandy beaches, Paluma and Girringun National Parks and magnificent Magnetic Island. Accommodation options include fully self-contained studio rooms and tourist cabins, large unpowered and powered sites with some offering the convenience of an ensuite. Facilities include a swimming pool, fully equipped camp kitchen with free gas barbecue and fire pit. The kiosk offers cold drinks, milk and ice as well as a free book exchange. The three amenities blocks have coin operated laundries. An easy access dump point is located within the park....
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